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Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription Cancellation Policy

Our goal is to make sure you are fully satisfied with the product, but we understand occasionally a customer wants to cancel.

That's why we’ve created and published these cancellation policies. We’ve also created a Risk-Free Guarantee to make the Scott Catalogue more accessible to more people. 

This page contains our policies plus the simple instructions for how to cancel should you wish to do so. You can also contact us for assistance with all cancellation and refund-related matters.


About Subscriptions

All Scott Digital Catalogue Subscriptions are for a 1-year term. The term commences on the date you subscribe and concludes after 365 days have passed. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel prior to renewing.


Your Risk-Free Guarantee

We’ve taken the same great catalog that’s been around since 1868 and made it available in a modern, convenient and feature-rich digital format. We’re excited about the convenience and versatility this product will offer stamp collectors for generations to come. That’s why we’ve created a Risk Free Guarantee for all new subscriptions. This allows you to try the new format yourself, without necessarily committing to a full year.

What is the Risk-Free Guarantee?

We’re proud to announce that any new subscriber who is unsatisfied with the product can cancel any time in the first five (5) days and receive a 100% refund to their original payment method. No questions asked. 

How does the Risk-Free Guarantee work?

Simply cancel your subscription before the end of the 5th day (in other words, within 5 days of your purchase) and 100% of the price you paid will be refunded back to your original payment method. The simple steps to cancel your subscription are provided elsewhere on this page, see: Steps to Cancel Your Subscription.

Is it for 5 days after the day I purchased?

Yes! The guarantee is for 5 full days after your purchase date. For example, if you purchase on a Monday, you can cancel as late as Saturday of the same week.

What if I cancel after 5 days?

If you choose to cancel after 5 days, you'll be eligible for a partial refund. To learn more about refunds, see below: Refunds Summary


About Subscription Renewals

Your subscription will renew automatically until you cancel it. Cancel any time for any reason. Renewals occur at the end of your subscription term. All Scott Digital Catalogue Subscriptions will automatically renew for an additional 1-year term. 

Prior to charging you for your subscription renewal, we will provide you with a courtesy reminder 1 month (30 days) in advance. This reminder will contain the name of the item you are subscribed to, as well as its renewal cost and date. This reminder will be sent to you via email to the address we have on record for your account. You can update this address at any time in your account.

Upon the completion of your 1-year term, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the current subscription rate.

At the time of renewal, subscription renewal charges are applied to the current payment method on your account. You can edit your payment method at any time in your account

In the event your payment method fails, you will lose access to your subscription. We will notify you via email if this is the case.


Cancelling Your Subscription (Steps)

When you cancel your subscription to a Scott Digital Catalogue, you will lose access to that catalog and receive a refund. The amount of the refund will depend on when you cancel relative to your purchase date. To learn more about refunds, see below: Refunds Summary

The steps to cancel your subscription are simple and we've provided them below for your convenience. If you need assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Steps to Cancel Your Subscription

Should you wish to cancel your subscription for any reason, we’ve made it easy for you to do so online. You do not need to contact us, but you are welcome to contact us at any time to initiate a cancellation or for any reason -- we always value the opportunity to connect with you!

  1. To initiate a cancellation, simply log in to your Amos Advantage account and go to My Scott Digital Catalogs.
  2. From there, you will see your subscription(s).
  3. Below each subscription, you will see a “Cancel Subscription” link.
  4. Click that and follow the prompts to complete the cancellation. Be sure to click Cancel Subscription to submit it to us.
  5. Our system will then record the date & time of your cancellation request.
  6. On the next business day, one of our representatives will process your cancellation for you.
  7. Your refund will be processed in accordance with our refund policy on this page. See: Refunds Summary

Note: Subscription cancellations are processed on business days during business hours. In the rare event a subscription cancellation is not received in time (for example, the cancellation occurs on a Saturday but the renewal occurs on a Sunday), rest assured we will honor the cancellation.


Refunds Summary

Our policy puts you in control. By granting refunds up to 100%, you have an opportunity to experience the subscription Risk-Free.

The amount of your refund will vary depending on when you choose to cancel your subscription, as detailed below.

Cancel within first 5 days

You’ll receive a 100% refund if you cancel within the first 5 days. This is our Risk-Free Guarantee.

No questions asked. You will no longer be able to access the subscription, and if you choose to come back, you can create a new subscription at any time.

Cancel after 5 days

Customers will get a pro-rated refund, less cancellation fee.

The pro-rated amount will be in an amount proportionate to the rate paid and the amount of time (in days) remaining on the subscription. 

The cancellation fee is $20 USD. The cancellation fee only applies for refunds requested after 5 days from the purchase date. The cancellation fee is taken as a deduction from the pro-rated refund amount.

Example: If a customer decides to cancel after 180 days, they will be refunded for the remaining 185 days, minus the cancellation fee. If their initial subscription was $99, the pro-rated amount after 180 days will be $50.18. After the $20 cancellation fee is deducted, their refund will be $30.18.

If the customer cancels toward the end of your subscription (when the cancellation fee would exceed the pro-rated amount), they will not receive a refund nor will they be charged any additional cancellation fee.


About Your Refund

How are refunds paid out? Refunds will go back to the original payment method or you will be issued a check, depending on how much time has passed since your purchase, as detailed below.

When the payment method was a credit card, and less than 60 days have passed, the funds will be refunded directly to the card.

When the payment method was a credit card, and 60 days or more have passed, a refund will be issued to you via check, which we’ll mail to the address on your account.

How long do refunds take? When a refund is paid out, you will receive it in approximately 7-14 business days. This includes refunds issued via either credit cards and checks.


I don't have a subscription yet. How can I get a subscription of my own?

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I need help with something else

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