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Amos Media is proud to offer North American Baseball, an exciting new item in our popular Scott National Album topical series. This album celebrates the dynamic, rich history of America's past time. On its pages you will find baseball related stamps and postal cards for the continent of North America. The new North American Baseball album highlights players, stadiums and the history of baseball with 84 stamps and 33 postal cards

Scott North American Baseball Album


Scott North American Baseball Album Set - Includes Pages + Binder

Why Choose Scott National Series Topical Albums?

To help collectors of all levels, we have included the year of issue and a brief description of each stamp

The full-color illustrations and Scott numbers will help you identify the stamps

The album is printed on extra sturdy acid-free, bright white paper that will last for years.

One blank page is included, to encourage collectors to display additional stamps and related items such as tickets. Additional blank pages are available (440BLANK)

The NEW Scott North American Baseball album is displayed in FULL-COLOR that highlights 84 stamps and 33 postal cards on 29+ pages. With stamps featuring players, stadiums and history of baseball it is a must have for all collectors with a passion of America's past time.

Preview the Scott North American Baseball Album

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United States

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Whether you are a baseball fanatic or a connoisseur of beautiful postage stamps, this album is sure to excite and challenge your hobby pursuits.