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The Scott Catalogue. Wherever, whenever, and always the latest listings.

The same Scott Catalogue you’ve come to know… now available as a feature-packed digital subscription.

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Here’s a sampling of the features you'll be able to take advantage of. Only possible in the digital format:

  • Always have the latest listings. When you subscribe, your editions will update automatically when we release the annual updates. No more remembering to buy and store heavy catalogs!

  • Get more stamp images than ever before. Printed catalogs have a page limit, but digital do not. We’ve begun adding new stamps to the digital subscription, from our cache of hundreds of thousands. At no extra cost to you.

  • Find your stamp in seconds. Our lightning fast search allows you to skip right to the stamp or scott number you’re looking for. No more flipping through pages.

  • Browse by country. Organized by country, you can browse an individual country at your leisure. Or search within it.

  • Search across countries! We’re so excited to announce EVERY edition of the digital subscription enables you to search across ALL countries within it. Now you can search for a topic like “fish” and see all the matches, in all the countries.

  • Zoom in on our high resolution images. No squinting allowed! Just zoom in and inspect the stamps we’ve carefully obtained and scanned.

  • When you subscribe, you’ll get instant access. You can access your digital subscription on all major web browsers, smartphones and tablets. All you need is an internet connection.

  • Digital Exclusive Catalogues. While printing costs limit the number of variations we can make on the Printed Scott Catalogue, our Digital Catalogues have added flexibility. While all printed catalogues have a digital counterpart, you'll find several digitial catalogues that are not available in print. 

  • And much more. Ready to learn about all the value we’ve tucked into each and every volume? Shop our selection of digital catalogues below. Exclusively available from Amos Advantage.

Includes your Risk-Free Guarantee. We're so confident you'll enjoy everything this digital subscription has to offer that we've created a Risk-Free Guarantee. If you're not satisfied, just let us know within 5 days of your purchase and get a full refund. Find out more about the Risk-Free Guarantee and answers to other common questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

What people are saying about the Digital Subscription

"So much easier and more effective than the paper catalogs!"

John J.

"Very, very easy to use." 

André Gélinas

“I really like the new format and the extended capabilities.”

Chuck Hall

“I thoroughly enjoy the mobile ability that the subscription provides.”

Vaughn D.

“... great new features including the ability to search within a country, the excellent page layout and the ease of enlarging a page’s contents.”

Marvin F.

"Very handy!"

G Cook

“Love the search feature, very convenient”

Wes T.

“Well worth the price! Very easy to use, especially for a BOB collector. No more damaged paper pages. Needed this 15 years ago!”

Jim S.

“Great digital subscription. Very searchable and up to date.”

Ron W.


Larry J.

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