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The Definitive Catalogue of Stamps & their Values

The Scott Catalogue, having debuted in 1868, has enjoyed over one and a half centuries as the worldwide leader in stamp listings and stamp values. Stamps are listed by their Scott Numbers (the industry standard for stamp classification) and each stamp is accompanied by Scott Values.

The catalogs are the most trusted resource to help stamp collectors and dealers identify and value their stamps. 

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Updated Annually

Each year, Amos Media (the publisher of Scott Catalogue and the operator of Amos Advantage) deploys teams of expert philatelists who continue the proud tradition of cataloging and valuing stamps new and old.

We celebrate their work annually with a new edition of each of our essential volumes of the Scott Catalogue.

Scott Catalogue: From A to Z... 

Cataloguing the world is a big task and we're up for the challenge. That's why we've organized the world into multiple volumes, just like you would an encyclopedia:

  • Volume 1: United States, United Nations and countries of the world beginning with A & B. Also includes Australia, Brazil and many more.

  • Volume 2: Countries C, D, E and F. Includes Canada, China, France and many more.

  • Volume 3: Countries G, H and I. Includes Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy and many more.

  • Volume 4: Countries J, K, L and M. such as Japan, Korea, Mexico and many more.

  • Volume 5: Countries N, O, P, Q, R, and S through “Sam-“. Includes Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines and many more.

  • Volume 6: Countries S beginning with “San-“, T, U, V, W, Y and Z. Includes Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and many more.

But we don't stop there...

Specialized Catalogues to Suit Your Collecting Habits

We've also created Specialized catalogs that take a closer look at different regions of the world, time periods of the world or specific philatelic subject matter. For example:

  • US Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers (Our #1 BEST Selling Catalog!). This catalogue contains an unparalled level of detail for stamps from the United States broken down into 100+ sections.

  • Classic Specialized (World 1840-1940) Catalogue. This volume looks at the first 100 years of philately, and is updated annually with new values and newly discovered varieties from this time period. The listings contain expanded information that is unavailable elsewhere.

  • US Pocket Catalogue. A portable, lightweight catalogue containing essential listing and value information for over 5,000 postage stamps and selected back-of-the-book issues.

  • US Errors Catalogue. A special volume that contains only Error listings and only for the United States region.

Don't see the right catalogue for you?

While printing costs limit the number of variations we can make on the Scott Catalogue, our Digital Catalogues have added flexibility.

And we've taken full advantage of our digital platform to deliver you with more choices, including Regional Scott Catalogues, which contain a collection of locations grouped by region and/or sovereignity.

PLUS, all our Digital Catalogues are available as powerful and convenient Digital Subscriptions. Learn more about the Regional Scott Digital Catalogue Subscriptions.

Also available in Digital

Times are a changing, and so is the Scott Catalogue. That's why we're excited to introduce the Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription.

With the Digital Subscription, you get features that simply aren't possible in print. Like search and zoom. All of the Printed catalogues have a digital counterpart. Plus, digital makes it possible for us to offer even more catalogues that we simply can't produce in a print format. See what Digital Catalogs are available now, exclusively from Amos Advantage.

A Release Schedule You Can Set Your Watch To

All eight of our printed Essential Scott Catalogue volumes benefit from new print releases annually, in accordance with the schedule below:

  • April: Volume 1

  • May: Volume 2 

  • June: Volume 3

  • July: Volume 4

  • August: Volume 5

  • September: Volume 6

  • October: US Specialized

  • November: Classic Specialized

With each volume's release, you can count on hundreds of new listings, thousands of value changes, and numerous editorial additions and enhancements in. Every year. When you purchase the latest edition, you stay on the cutting edge of the stamp market.

Each month, these volumes are released on the first business day of the month. Want it sooner? Consider the Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription, where you can get the same great contents (and more!) instantly at the start of each month, and don't wait for shipping. Learn more about the Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription now.

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