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Scott Stamp Illustrated Identifier, 1st Edition

Scott Stamp Illustrated Identifier, 1st Edition

Item #: STAMPID22


Scott Stamp Illustrated Identifier: 1st Edition

Formerly included as the Illustrated Identifier in each Scott Standard catalog volume (volumes 1-6, countries of the world A-Z), the new Scott Stamp Illustrated Identifier, 1st Edition, is now a separate, standalone publication as of the 2022 edition.

As new listings are released each year, we continue to pack the Scott Catalogues so full of new information that there's only so much room. Instead of increasing the cost of the Scott Catalogues to account for the identifier, we've separated it out to this standalone edition so YOU can decide whether you want this companion or not. In this way, you get the savings by default, and you have the option to choose this extra publication based on whether it makes sense for you.

And better yet, now you can have this handy reference material without needing to order a complete Scott Catalogue, and for a fraction of the price as well!

This handy 28-page booklet includes dozens of illustrations and descriptions of postage stamps that do not have words on them. The handsome softcover 6-inch-by-nine-inch booklet will make it easier to identify stamps while consulting listings in the Scott catalog without having to flip back and forth between pages.

Included FREE when you buy the World Set

The Scott Stamp Illustrated Identifier is also available as a free gift with the purchase of the complete edition of the six-volume Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. Best of all, the World Set is available in whatever format you prefer: choose from the Printed Edition or Digital Subscription. The choices is yours. Learn more about the Scott Catalogue WORLD SET (Countries A-Z).

ALSO Included FREE with Scott Digital Catalogue Subscriptions

This identifier makes a handy reference on its own, but why stop there? Unlock incredible value with the feature-packed Digital Subscription to your favorite catalogues, where the Illustrated Identifier is included FREE! That's right, get this publication at no additional cost when you subscribe to any of the following Scott Digital Catalogues:

  • Volume 1 Scott Catalogue Digital Subscription (Countries A-B & United States & United Nations)
  • Volume 2 Scott Catalogue Digital Subscription (Countries C-F)
  • Volume 3 Scott Catalogue Digital Subscription (Countries G-I)
  • Volume 4 Scott Catalogue Digital Subscription (Countries J-M)
  • Volume 5 Scott Catalogue Digital Subscription (Countries N-Sam)
  • Volume 6 Scott Catalogue Digital Subscription (Countries San-Z)
  • Classic Specialized (World 1840-1940) Scott Catalogue Digital Subscription
  • WORLD SET (Countries A-Z) Scott Catalogue Digital Subscription

Not yet familiar with the amazing new Digital Subscription and all it has to offer? Find out all about the Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription.

Item Specifications

Publication Date: 2021

Item Subjects: Scott Catalogue (Printed Editions), Stamp Literature, New Stamp Products, Scott

Pages: 28


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